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Visionary Artists

Zubin Levy’s visionary Inspirement Village is a celebration of his concept of “InnerTainment” which focuses both on inner exploration and creative expression. Having explored the realms of dance, theater, art and entrepreneurial venues, Zubin has combined his experience and insights to create an artistic haven of immersive creative inner journeys.

Along with this participatory vision, Zubin aspires to bring together other visionaries and collaborators to assist in co-creating a positive shift for humanity.

– 1960’s: Zubin, a former professional dancer in NYC, initiated the trend of tie-dyeing in his West Village Store, NYC. Here Zubin created the original Infinite Crystal as a dressing room where Janis Joplin and Jimmi Hendrix were outfitted with his tie-dye creations.

– 1980’s: Zubin and Shahastra created the Enchanted Crystal Forest featuring the Infinite Crystal healing chamber integrating multisensory technologies.

– 1980’s: Zubin and Shahastra launched the crystal jewelry trend hand-made by master artisans in Bali Indonesia.

– 1990’s: Zubin and Shahastra set the trend for etched touchstones.

– 1990’s: Zubin teamed up with Doug Nelson, a high-tech wizard, and developed their integrated multisensory technology featuring their patented Aroma Composer.

– 2000’s: Zubin and Shahastra set a new standard for food presentation in the Hospitality Industry with their recycled hand-blown glass and wrought iron creations.

– 2000’s: Zubin and Shahastra created The Walk, an immersive environmental experience in the form of a self-guided journey through enchanted woods that touched thousands of people.

– 2019: Zubin created an art installation in Ojai, California upgrading the existing version of the Infinite Crystal with the latest state-of-the-art multisensory technology.




Visionary Artists

Shahastra is a multifaceted artist—author/illustrator, designer and painter—living in Ojai, California. She is drawn to the transformational, soul qualities of artmaking and works to transfer that essence into images and forms that inspire and provoke. Integrating her visual and writing talents, Shahastra authored, illustrated and published the “Magical Rainbow” series of children’s books based on color and positive heroes, now considered 1980s classics.

Shahastra was one of the forerunner designers of the crystal jewelry trend and now creates one-of-a-kind pieces using her vintage gem collection. She was also the designer of her co-owned sculptured ironworks company, “Event Art” which was commissioned by 5-star hotels nationally.

Shahastra’s award-winning pastel and acrylic local landscapes and her imaginary “innerscapes” can be found in both private collections and corporate settings. Her evocative, figurative soul studies have been published into a 50-card reflection deck called, “Meeting the Self.”

Ojai Walk

Toni Hinterschitt

Toni Hinterschitt

46 years German developer and builder more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

Specialized in problem solving, coordination of employees, strategy development.

Life motto: you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails !



Roberto Fumo

Born in Colorado, USA, I began my construction career in 1975 building single-family homes and commercial projects until 2002.

I then closed my business to travel the globe to learn the arts of natural building with cob, strawbale, adobe, earth-ship and earthbag constructions. Using these skills, I have assisted in building an orphanage in Nepal, a wellness center in the Sacred Valley of Peru and housing projects in Chiapas, Mexico and Honduras, Central America.


Pablo Luna

Project Eco Architect

Combining traditional techniques with innovative structural concepts, our company aims to positively impact the quality of life while challenging the boundaries of organic architecture and sustainability.

We work as practical inventors with a natural style while designing soulful structures that reflect and celebrate harmony between people, nature and spirituality.

Our projects can be seen across Bali, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, Mexico, India and Chile.



Juan Schlosser

Architect collaboration

After exploring various artistic expressions, Juan settled into creating with nature, building large-scale installations and set designs using sacred geometrical concepts. Taking after his father—the renowned Austrian sculptor, Adolfo Schlosser—he has merged beauty, art and space, creating energetic environments.

Juan has become known for showcasing the varied benefits of eco-architecture and his works include resorts in Bali, galleries in Europe and music festivals around the world while developing a signature style.

For the last 7 years, Juan has been a central figure in the creation of the architectural language adopted by “The New Earth Project,” leading to the founding of his design firm, BioArc, to expand the redefinition of regenerative architectural practices.


Alain Gauthier

Producer/ Choreographer Theatre D’Light

As a stage artist, in 1986, Alain joined Le cirque due Soleil, totalling 2000 live performances. He was a part of the acrobatic movement research team that helped Le Cirque achieve their distinct style.

Alain’s most famous work was Cavalia, a combined choreographic art with horses. On the biggest touring production in the world. His knowledge of movement and beauty can also be experienced in his fractal animated imaging described as light choreography.

Among his well-known creative achievements are: The Millennium Dome show ( London 2000, PeterGabriel), Zulu time (Robert Lepage), Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil), Crescend’9 ( Cirque d-Hiver, Paris), LaDamnation de Faust by Robert Lepage (Matsumoto, Japan, Paris Opera, Metropolitan Opera, NY, GrandTheatre de Quebec 2013, Ice from Russia (Las Vegas), The 2008 US Olympic Gymnastics Superstars tour, NBC’s top of the hour reality show (celebrity Circus, Aerial concerts for The Black eyed Peas 2009 tour, ERA and Kaleido in Shanghai China as well as Mark Fisher’s Voyage de la Vie in Singapore, Odysseo(Cavalia 2), Hongcun Aju for Mirage Ent, in China, Illusions at the joy land theatre in Wuxi, China, a 3Dmultimedia dance extravaganza and more recently Cavalia at the 2014 Qasr Al Hosn festival in Abu Dhabi and currently a director for Cavalia Inc.


Seth Rich

Seth Rich

Financial Analyst

Seth earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, in Psychology and Business.

In addition, he earned his MBA from Purdue University, in Finance and Strategic Management.

His career has spanned working for large international corporations (AlliedSignal/Honeywell), start-ups (FetchBack), and local real estate entities (Gila River Indian Community).

He’s been responsible for formulating and preparing annual financial plans, 5-year strategic plans, monthly financial reports, cost/benefit analyses, and day-to-day financial operations.


Maxx’s Group

Legal Affairs

Maxx’s Group provides One-Stop Service for International Business in Indonesia. Providing professional support for Business Planning, Hospitality, Tour and Travel, Legal documents and visas. Experienced staff members come from various regions in Indonesia and overseas, integrating their knowledge and expertise to assist clients with their needs and make the process as simple as possible.



Marc Rosenberg

VP Finance

Jonathan Wygant

Advisory Board



William Bruce Sechrest

Advisory Board

William (“Bill”) Bruce Sechrest consults and writes/speaks about “Vibration” as the essence of all that exists. See www.beneathwords.org.

Bill applies certain vibrational mechanics in his consulting practice. Bill attended Stanford University (1960-1964) and Southern Methodist University’s School of Law (1964- 1967). In 1973, he co-founded the law firm now known as Winstead, PC.

He has served on the board of directors of Esalen Institute, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Tailored Brands, and Ojai Community Bank and co-founded SimpliPhi Power, Inc.


Emerald Starr

Advisory Board
  • Created Sacred Mountain Healing Center in East Bali
  • President of Sorga Chocolate company, Bali

Doug Nelson

Director of Multisensory Technology

Amun Levy

Director of Infinite Crystal programming and projection art